In today’s day age, people, especially teens, are heavily influenced by technology. The truth is, it has become very common for teenagers to have cell phones, tablets and other tech gadgets who are actively accessing social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And while these apps help connect friends and family together along with other people from all across the world, they can be rather dangerous as there are some who take advantage of the vulnerable teens behind the screen.
We see just how dangerous technology can be when it falls into the wrong hands. A recent challenge began called the “Momo Challenge” that started out on Facebook but then moved to an app called WhatsApp, according to Fox 19 Now.
If your child has the WhatsApp downloaded, be sure to check through their contacts to ensure they haven’t added “Momo” or any other unknown people to their contact list.
The challenge encourages children who have the WhatsApp downloaded to add a contact named “Momo.” Once they do, they come face to face with a Japanese sculpture of what appears to be a woman, and many might agree the sculpture is rather disturbing to look at. Momo will then allegedly begin sending messages claiming she knows personal information about the person interacting with the game and then goes on to challenge that the person to do certain things.
One YouTube blogger who created the channel Repzilla, says he took the challenge and while it started out asking him to wake up at odd hours of the night or conquer a fear, it transitions into asking much more dangerous things. And according to Fox 19 Now, Momo even threatens the children by saying that if you don’t complete the challenge, there will be consequences. One of the examples given was that if the participant doesn’t complete the challenge, their sister or brother would be harmed. And while some of the challenges might seem easier to complete than others, the source says Momo may ask a child to do something that puts their life at risk such as jumping off a roof and filming it.
The reason the challenge has caught the attention of many is that it is “spreading like wildfire” and anyone is at risk of accepting the challenge, even people in other countries. In fact, investigators suspect that a 12-year-old girl in Argentina took her own life and filmed herself on her phone prior to her death [Source: Inside Edition]. They believe her death may be connected with the “Momo Challenge.”

How can parents protect their kids from these threatening and deadly challenges?

In an effort to keep your children safe, tech experts are saying that the best thing a parent can do is not only educate themselves on what this challenge is, but also educate your children and inform them of what it is and that the threats are not real. Parents are also encouraged to monitor who their children are talking to via social media or text to ensure they aren’t conversing with someone who may be trying to harm them. After all, if your child is found talking to someone whom they don’t really know, it could be someone intentionally trying to put them in harm’s way.
Parents are also urged to check their kids’ cellphones for any unknown numbers, including the Momo contact and remove them from their child’s phone. While investigators are still not clear as to who is behind the challenge, the fact is, if someone is “sucked in by the psychological push and pull of the method,” they could find themselves facing severe injuries or even death.
If your child has been intentionally injured by someone who inflicted harm on them, not only can you push for criminal charges to be filed, but also demand that damages are awarded for the pain and suffering your child has endured. The fact is, when someone engages in behavior that leads to an accident or injury, they can be held accountable to provide you and your family with compensation for the pain and suffering they have caused. But, the only way to do this successfully is with the help of a Waterbury, CT personal injury attorney.
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