What is the purpose of employment law regulations in Lewisville?

Lewisville, TX – The conduct of employers is regulated by the government at various levels. Part of the reason for these regulations is the unfair levels of bargaining power and authority between workers and their superiors. Before employers were regulated, workers were routinely exploited, mostly by working for low wages and through very long hours. This problem can be exacerbated in times where there are labor surpluses. This is why some of the most important labor regulations to this day include those related to pay practices, minimum wage, break time, and overtime. Anyone who feels that they have been mistreated at work has the right to get advice from a lawyer to determine if they need to take formal action. An overview of the most important labor regulations is helpful to those who want to better understand why their employer has limitations on their actions. 

Laws related to pay

In Texas, the Texas Payday Law covers many aspects of issues that workers may have with their wages. This law provides a procedure for workers to make a claim when they feel they have become victims of wage theft, and have a government agency do an investigation. The employer is also required by law to keep records of the worker’s pay that are available for inspection when necessary. 

Sexual harassment laws

Another regulation that is related to disparities in bargaining power between employers and their employees is sexual harassment laws. An employer cannot ask workers for various sexual acts as a condition of employment or to receive pay or benefits. Without these types of laws it is clear how workers could be exploited in workplaces, as they would likely not speak up or attempt to stop these kinds of actions if they fear losing their jobs. However, retaliation against a worker who has defended their rights is illegal as well.  

Discrimination laws

All Americans are guaranteed certain basic civil rights, and civil rights also need to be respected in the workplace. This is why employers cannot use protected characteristics such as race, gender, or religion as an excuse to treat any employee unfairly. This is why workers who feel that they have suddenly been terminated for unexplained reasons often bring discrimination cases. The employer may have used a pretextual reason to end their position, although their true motive was discriminatory. Regardless of what the worker was told, if a discriminatory motive was the reason for a worker being disciplined or fired, this is illegal. 

Labor attorneys in Lewisville

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles labor and employment disputes for clients in Lewisville and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs assistance with their workplace issues can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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