Baton Rouge, LAMotor vehicle accidents generate a number of different issues that need to be resolved. The drivers involved will need to contact their insurance companies, possibly seek medical treatment, and there may even be lawsuits related to the events of the collision. Because of all of these costs and issues with insurance companies and the legal process, deciding who is at fault and responsible for paying for these losses can be a very important decision. If there is a witness that clearly saw an accident, their statements can be the deciding factor in a negligence case or insurance claim

People who witness an accident

Having a witness nearby can be extremely beneficial. They can provide an objective, disinterested account of what happened before a car crash. The person is likely to be unbiased because they did not know any of the other drivers, and they have no reason to favor one person.  

They may also have a different perspective from what the drivers saw. If the witness clearly saw one driver engage in careless behavior like speeding or running a red light, their testimony will likely determine the outcome of a lawsuit. In other situations, if the collision appears to be a legitimate accident, they can testify as to why it appears that neither person was at fault. 

Depositions for an accident case

One of the ways that the witness account is used is by calling the person into a law office to take a deposition. This provides notice of what the person will say, as well as give a kind of preview of what might happen in court. Because a witness is placed under oath to tell the truth at the deposition, their testimony at trial will likely be similar or the same. If they change their story, they can be impeached with conflicting statements in the deposition. 

Damages from the accident

The driver who is ultimately at fault, or at least their insurance company, will be liable for the other person’s damages. This is the legal term for the sum or all of their losses. Damages usually include lost wages and future income, medical treatment and hospitalization, property repairs, and even non-economic damages that cover trauma, pain, and mental health problems. A person who is responsible for a severe accident may see large insurance increases or have to pay significant amounts directly if coverage is not available. 

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

There are personal injury attorneys who use their experience and knowledge to assist accident victims in the Baton Rouge area. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf are available to file civil injury cases and assist with related matters. 

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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