What is the purpose of having a construction contract drafted in Tennessee?

Nashville, TN – Having the specific terms of any business deal in writing is crucial. This document can clearly outline the rights and responsibilities of the parties, specify the terms, and provide evidence of the agreement in case there is a dispute later. Any parties that are going to be involved in a construction project should be sure to get all of the crucial information about the project defined in a contract that is read and signed by all of the relevant parties. While verbal agreements can be enforced in some circumstances, it is best for anyone undertaking a project to not risk their time and money.  

Various individuals and groups 

Any construction project, but especially a very large one, will probably have a number of different individuals, contractors, businesses, their employees, and other parties involved. The duties of a person who is designing a building are much different from a company that is performing labor on the structure, and these both will differ from others involved. Each party needs to be clearly told what to do in the contract and what is expected of them. There also may be contingencies listed in the document if certain terms cannot be completed.  

Financial information

There are crucial pieces of information related to a project’s total budget, how much each group or individual will be paid, and fees for project management. All of these financial matters can be clearly listed in the document to avoid bankruptcy, confusion, foreclosure, or disagreements. There is also the possibility that financial penalties for a breach will be listed in the contract as well, along with other potential remedies that may be issued by a judge. 

Parties involved are allowed to bargain for their interests

Construction contracts, as well as various other legal agreements, often are only completed after extensive negotiations. Any person or business who will be bound by the terms of the contract can negotiate for their own interests and try to get a more favorable deal in the final document. 

Building plans can become part of the contract

If any deviations from the plans for the project result in litigation, it is best if these plans are legally binding. It is a common practice for companies involved to have the document incorporate or reference the plans somewhere in the final text so there can be little dispute regarding what was expected for the final project. 

Meeting with a business lawyer in Tennessee

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