Charleston, SC – Workplaces and companies purchase various types of insurance coverage in case of losses and accidents. Workers compensation insurance is a specific type of risk mitigation that is meant to pay for any losses associated with workers who get hurt and cannot perform their normal job duties for a given length of time. The workers compensation insurance will generally cover the workers lost income and wages, as well as certain medical expenses. 

Coverage in South Carolina

Under state law, all businesses with at least four employees must have workers compensation coverage. Workers should assume that their employer will cover these kinds of injuries in case of an accident. It does not matter if the company hires part time or full time workers, and there are very limited situations where an employer can opt out of the requirements for coverage. The company needs to pay into the policy, but individual workers do not.  

If the business is sued for negligence or other problems tied to an injury, this is not covered by workers compensation and there may be another commercial policy in place for liability coverage. 

Types of incidents that may not be covered

Most work injuries will prompt some kind of investigation. If it is found that the employee was not engaged in their normal work or job duties, it is possible that they will not be covered under the compensation claim. This can include fights and misbehavior, intentional or fraudulent injuries, the commute to work or returning home, and situations where the worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A doctor may also examine the injured party to determine if there is a bona fide reason for medical attention or time away from work. 

Additional benefits of coverage

In rare situations where there is a serious accident, certain other types of losses such as paralysis may be covered under a workers compensation insurance policy. If the victim is out of work for a long time, and needs more training or has to learn new job skills, there is vocational rehabilitation available. This means that the costs of education and training can be covered through the compensation program. If the injury is serious enough to be fatal, the worker’s family may also receive a death benefit that can cover funeral costs and other expenses associated with the family’s loss. 

Local work injury attorneys in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm handles all issues related to the workers compensation claim process in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Anyone who has been hurt at work recently can contact the firm to schedule a meeting and learn more.

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