Louisiana – March 23, 2021

The chemical and oil industries are an important economic component to Louisiana residents, as they provide a plethora of jobs and other opportunities for fiscal stability, but the dark side of that equation is toxic exposure dangers for workers and communities.  Chemical plants and refineries are known to be extremely volatile working environments, especially when there are lapses in employer safety regulations.  Negative impacts to workers, families, and communities can be catastrophic when accidents result in:

  • Burns and bodily injury,
  • Hazardous chemical exposure inhalation and physical contact causing “take home exposure” that may increase serious health dangers to loved ones,
  • Injury from improper maintenance of equipment, defective equipment, or poorly trained personnel.

OSHA standard.

An experienced toxic exposure attorney in Louisiana can assist victims of toxic exposure and their families by building a case, based on the dangers present to a worker, and the reliance on the company to provide a safe workplace in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.  “OSHA considers “Exposure” or “exposed” to mean that an employee is subjected to a toxic substance, or harmful physical agent in the course of employment through any route of entry, including inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or absorption, etc., and includes past exposure and potential, either accidental or possible exposure.  Exposure does not include situations where the employer can demonstrate that the toxic substance, or harmful physical agent is not used, handled, stored, generated, or present in the workplace in any manner different from typical non-occupational situations.”

Oil rig dangers.

Some of the largest movable man-made structures in the world are lake and sea-based oil platforms and rigs. A floater oil platform houses the workers and machinery needed to drill and produce oil and natural gas extracted from beneath the ocean floor and are commonly found the Gulf of Mexico. Extracting volatile, pressurized substances in these dangerous environments leads to increased accidents and injury.  Apart from the dangers of the rig structure, the weather components, and heavy machinery, the risk of toxic exposure is great when fires and explosions release poisonous gases into the air.  Victims of toxic exposure at work should consult with an experienced toxic exposure attorney  in Louisiana.

Contaminant cleanup.

 Even though regulations include liability, exposure determination through the process of investigation, frequent monitoring before, during and after cleanup, and the risk assessment of long-term effects, the toxic spills and leaks can cause damage to individuals and communities in Louisiana. There are necessary laws and requirements for all responsible businesses to ensure limited contamination and removal of toxins from an environment to avoid longer-term or large-scale damage. Experienced toxic exposure attorneys can guide victims’ activities after they have been harmed by related toxins.

Seek legal counsel.

Attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand how important it is to seek financial assistance through workers’ compensation or legal claims to combat treatment for toxic exposure illness and the negative financial effects, by addressing treatment options for long term illness leading to permanent disability, or death.


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