Metairie, LA – A driver can be seriously hurt if their vehicle collides with a large semi truck or similar vehicle. These types of collisions tend to be very expensive in terms of property damage and healthcare costs, so it is important for victims to have some kind of legal recourse for compensation. However, getting a settlement or winning at trial is contingent on the victim being able to prove that the truck driver was at fault for the accident. This can be done through various kinds of evidence. Anyone who needs more assistance with these issues should get in touch with a local lawyer to bring their lawsuit and have the best chance of success. 

Police reports

The victim should immediately contact the local police while remaining at the scene of the accident. This is important for safety reasons, but there will also be officers who deal with traffic accidents at the scene to start their investigation and make a formal report of the incident. This accident report often becomes a crucial piece of evidence because officers will give their opinion about what likely caused the crash and other important facts about the accident

Photo and video evidence

Pictures of the immediate aftermath of the crash are important because they can give insight as to the condition of the vehicles. If there is video surveillance or someone was able to make a cellphone video of the crash, this can also become definitive evidence of how the collision took place. Any kind of picture or video evidence will certainly become one of the most important things that is used during settlement negotiations or a personal injury trial. 

Records from the trucking company

During the discovery process, the trucking business may have to provide records related to the truck’s maintenance and repairs, and the driver’s records for things like required rest breaks and distance driven. There are various federal and state trucking laws and regulations that need to be followed for a business to remain compliant. 

These can be important in terms of showing if the truck company or individual driver was negligent for not performing proper maintenance or following various transportation regulations. Any violations can help prove that there was a breach of the standard duty of care required from a trucking company in a negligence lawsuit. 

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

Walker Daly LLP is a firm that helps local clients in Metairie and nearby parts of Louisiana with their personal injury cases. Anyone who is considering a lawsuit can contact the firm to get started with a consultation and learn more about the process to bring their case. 

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