What kind of insurance is required for truckers who are independent contractors in Scotlandville?

Scotlandville, LA – Commercial vehicles need to carry liability insurance just like all other drivers. They also need to be protected from certain other types of losses if they want to work legally. While independent contractors need to handle these risks and costs on their own, they can be used much in the same way as a trucking company if one of their drivers causes an accident. Lawyers who handle cases for victims of negligent commercial drivers can provide more specific information about filing the case and any relevant insurance issues. 

Insurance requirements for trucks

Truckers who work independently will have to pay for various types of coverage due to the high risk nature of their job and the possibility of serious losses and injuries. As a general rule, the driver will have to pay for liability coverage to cover the costs they create in an accident, cargo insurance to protect any items that are damaged or destroyed while in transit, as well as workers compensation to cover their wages if they are hurt while working. For employees, these potential costs would generally be covered through their employer’s insurance for their fleet of vehicles and their paying into the company’s workers compensation insurance for all of their workers. 

Lawsuits after truck accidents

After a commercial vehicle crash happens, the victims will want to be paid for all of their losses. In many cases where a trucker is employed by a company, the employer is named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and their insurance will pay out a settlement to cover damages. However, this process is somewhat different when the trucker is an independent contractor. In most cases, the driver’s liability insurance should be sufficient to cover the damage, although some truck collisions can cause very large amounts of property damage and expensive injuries. It is possible that the damage total is beyond what the driver’s liability policy will cover. In these cases, the driver may be personally liable and have difficulty compensating the victims for any amounts that were not covered under their insurance. 

If a trucker is sued after being found responsible for an accident, it is also possible that their insurance costs can increase greatly afterward due to the added risk covered by their insurance company. 

Louisiana truck collision lawyers

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that focuses on accident cases in Scotlandville. Their attorneys have extensive experience with the process of getting compensation for clients through civil accident lawsuits.

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