What kinds of assistance are provided by the workers compensation process in South Carolina?

Charleston, SC – Employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance to assist their injured workers. This system is meant to protect anyone who suffers a legitimate job related injury, which was not caused due to misconduct or intoxication. Because an injury creates a number of different problems and expenses for the victim, this system also covers several different types of financial losses. Those who need additional help or information can meet with a workers compensation lawyer to find out what they should do. 

A percentage of the worker’s salary

Injured people will receive a percentage of their standard salary through the workers compensation system. This is the most common type of benefit that is awarded. Under South Carolina law, this maxes out at approximately two thirds of the person’s normal wages. 

Medical expenses

Certain medical and healthcare costs will be covered by the workers compensation system. For this reason, the victim should get any medical treatment that they need, and attend all required visits with doctors to prove the extent of their injuries. There may be required examinations by doctors to prevent insurance fraud and paying out benefits for faked injuries. 

Education and training

Benefits that cover vocational rehabilitation are given to those who may need to spend time learning new job skills or getting more education once they have been out of work for an extended period of time. Depending on the needs of the worker, this may be either formal education or other forms of experience based training. 

Disability benefits

It is possible that a worker will sustain a serious injury that leaves them partially or totally disabled. The workers compensation system will pay out an amount depending on the specifics of the injury and manner in which the person’s ability to work has been affected. Whether the person is partially or totally disabled depends on how their injury is determined to affect their ability to perform. 

Occupational hazards and benefits

People who are exposed to dangerous materials on the job may experience health problems caused by long term exposure. Those who are diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses due to their employment can attempt to receive compensation through the workers compensation system. There may be a process to determine whether the issues in question were actually caused by the person’s job or something else.

Meeting with a South Carolina workers compensation lawyer

The Clekis Law Firm is available to help people who have issues with the workers compensation process in Charleston and other parts of South Carolina. Their attorneys provide advice to help injured employees successfully file claims and receive these kinds of benefits.

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