King of Prussia, PA – Marketing can be a complex issue for law firms. Many lawyers will want to aggressively attempt to get their names out in order to attract the right clients. There are also regulations regarding how firms can advertise and the types of claims they can make during this process. However, pre-qualified leads are a good alternative to traditional marketing, and some firms may find it to be much more effective to get clients in this manner.

We provide pay per lead and pay per call lead generation services to law firms who need to expand their business. TradeMarc Global is available to give more information about how to market legal services in competitive areas of practice.  

Excessive competition in major cities

When a law firm needs to bring in clients related to events such as motor vehicle accidents, landlord tenant issues, class action lawsuits, and divorces there are a number of well established firms with large marketing budgets that will advertise their services. This can make it extremely difficult for certain practices to get their name out and bring in new clients. Pre-qualified leads are one way that a firm can get directly in contact with people in these situations and attempt to establish an attorney client relationship.  

Cost per acquisition of clients

Marketing can also be a costly endeavor. Firms can spend thousands of dollars a month on things like digital ads or traditional print and broadcast advertising with mixed results. Paying directly for pre-qualified leads can potentially be a better, more cost effective solution for some firms. 

Tracking the effectiveness of marketing budgets

Lawyers and their firms will want to know that marketing money has been well spent. This can possibly be difficult in some situations, especially for advertising for brand awareness which is not always easily tracked. When pre-qualified leads are purchased things like the value of a customer and a conversion rate for the leads can be tracked easily. These also tend to be some of the best types of leads, as the person is already looking for the types of services that the firm provides. 

Additional information about pre-qualified leads for law firms

TradeMarc Global LLC focuses on getting pre-qualified leads to businesses and law firms to help them bring in new customers. All of the leads have already been filtered to ensure that firms are only talking to those who need their services.

Attorneys can sign up here to receive pre-qualified leads – is a site that lists lawyers throughout the country. People who need to find a legal professional in their city can call 800-672-3103 for assistance.  

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