What kinds of costs will be factored into damages in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Boca Raton, FLWrongful death laws are designed to allow a family to receive compensation for the loss of a relative in every state, including Florida. If the family is successful in their lawsuit, they may receive compensation for various costs such as medical treatment, future income and lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, and the price of a funeral. All of these types of damages are important, as their combined value can become very large, especially if the victim had significant earning potential or died at a young age. The lawsuit will normally conclude with a settlement or a jury trial where the victim’s family will find out the exact amount that they will receive.   

Economic losses

Economic damages are tied to proven losses that can be demonstrated through various kinds of documentation, records, and other evidence. The most substantial aspect of economic loss in a wrongful death case tends to be the victim’s future earning potential and the lost value of the services they could have provided if they had lived. This is usually calculated by multiplying the person’s annual salary by the number of years they had remaining until their retirement age. Medical costs from the time of the injury to the time the victim died tend to be high as well, and the family can ask for these amounts. 

Non-economic damages

These amounts may not be as specific as economic damages. The family may experience trauma and even need some kind of therapy or psychological counseling after the death of a close relative. While it is often difficult to assign an exact price to this kind of loss, attorneys who handle injury or accident lawsuits tend to have experience getting the jury to award a satisfactory amount. 

The costs of final services

A significant expense that can be associated with a wrongful death incident is paying for a funeral and burial. While costs can vary based on the family’s religious beliefs or other traditions, these kinds of services can be factored into damages in a wrongful death case. One of the most convenient and cost effective options tends to be cremation services, as the family is given a chance to bypass some of the ceremonial aspects of a funeral if they choose to do so.  A funeral home can be consulted for specific answers about what option is best for any given family. 

Arranging a funeral for a family member

Anyone who needs assistance with funeral services in the Boca Raton area has the option of contacting a local funeral home to schedule a burial. Glick Family Funeral Home has been serving the south Florida region with exceptional care for over twenty years. 

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