What kinds of disputes are considered business litigation in Nashville?

Nashville, TN – A business may end up needing legal advice and find themselves in court for various reasons. While this can be a difficult time, assistance from experienced business attorneys can be the difference between finding success and sustaining significant losses. It is helpful for anyone who owns or runs a business to get advice related to how business litigation works and what their attorney may do for them. 

How business litigation and lawsuits happen

Business law and litigation is a phrase that is sometimes used interchangeably with commercial litigation. This is a type of law that focuses on matters such as torts against businesses, contract breaches and contract law, partnerships, misrepresentation in business dealings, and disputes related to duties of shareholders, employees, and those with fiduciary responsibilities. These kinds of cases usually arise over a breach of the duties described in a contract, lost profits or money, stolen intellectual property, or even criminal acts such as theft or fraud

Remedies in business litigation

It is most common for civil courts to order compensation to the party who was wronged as a remedy. Aside from offering money as a remedy for a civil lawsuit to a person who was harmed, it is possible that a court can order specific performance, rescission of a contract, or other equitable remedies. The amount awarded to a plaintiff in these cases tends to reflect the specific value of their losses, such as harm caused by lost intellectual property, specific inventory or tangible items, or other losses that can be demonstrated by the party bringing the case.   

Selection of jurisdiction and venues

One of the more complex aspects of business litigation is determining where a dispute will be settled and how the parties will choose a forum and rules of procedure. This is a large aspect of civil procedure practice. Many business contracts now have mandatory arbitration clauses, where disputes need to be decided in an informal court setting with the assistance of a mediator and they do not necessarily need to be handled through hearings in front of a judge. It is also possible that some business law cases will be decided in federal court on diversity jurisdiction rather than state court if there are parties from different states in the lawsuit and the total amount in controversy is large enough. 

Tennessee business attorneys

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a firm that helps people with business law issues in Nashville and nearby areas of Tennessee. Their lawyers are available to speak with anyone who needs legal advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a website that lists lawyers in every state of the country. People who need assistance finding an attorney in their area can call 800-672-3103

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