What kinds of illegal deductions may workers from Mesquite see on their pay statements?

Mesquite, TX – Employees receive pay statements that show their wages along with other pieces of information. One of the most important pieces of information on a pay statement is the section for deductions. While things like taxes and social security are legal deductions that come out of a worker’s pay each period, some employers will also try to take out other amounts for illegitimate reasons or due to mistakes. When these problems are discovered, the worker is allowed to file a claim against the employer to receive all of their outstanding pay. Anyone who is concerned about illegal deductions and other forms of wage theft can contact a local attorney for more information. 

Minimum wage issues

There are some types of deductions and withholdings that may put a worker’s wages below the federal minimum wage. This is illegal, as all workers need to be paid at least the minimum wage regardless of any other factors. Any worker who has concerns about this issue should review any voluntary withholdings or other issues that may possibly be pushing their wages below the federal minimum wage laws. 

Administrative fees

The employer cannot charge a worker for payroll services or any other administration related to their pay. This is essentially a way that employers try to pay their payroll workers out of the salaries of other workers, and it is illegal. Most other expenses that the employer incurs due to their costs of business and transactions cannot be charged to workers either.

Deductions as punishment

In some cases, employers may tell a worker that they need to pay for missing funds or cash out of their own wages. This is not true. Employers can take disciplinary actions against workers suspected of theft or stealing company resources, but they cannot deduct amounts from their employees’ legitimate pay to reimburse the company. 

Wage theft lawsuits

Anytime an employer illegally takes pay from a worker or fails to give them their proper wages, this is called wage theft. The worker can bring a claim or a lawsuit to recover their full outstanding amount, and there may be other damages available such as liquidated damages or interest on late wages. Workers who suspect issues with wage theft should review their pay statements, any employer records, and note any illegal deductions or other discrepancies. If the employer is unwilling to resolve these issues, the worker should notify the Texas Workforce Commission and retain a lawyer. 

Additional information about employment lawsuits

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with employees in the Mesquite area to resolve their workplace problems. Anyone who needs to speak with an attorney in Texas about labor law matters such as wage theft, sexual harassment, and discrimination can contact their lawyers to get more information. 

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