San Antonio, TXLabor law touches a number of different aspects of the workplace. Anyone who needs assistance in these areas should schedule a meeting with a lawyer

Wage disputes

It is fairly common for workers to occasionally have issues with improper pay. This can be due to legitimate mistakes that need to be found and corrected, while some employers may engage in illegal wage theft. An attorney who works with clients to discover wage theft can do things like review pay records, check to make sure the person is classified as the right kind of worker, file an unpaid wage claim, and bring a lawsuit for missing pay if necessary. 

Employment discrimination

Discrimination happens when a person who is a member of a protected class does not receive benefits, employment, or experiences other detriments due to their status as a member of a protected class. This is illegal, and the employer may face a discrimination lawsuit in civil court that is brought under civil rights laws. Attorneys who work with these kinds of cases can help the victim find the right kinds of evidence to prove discrimination, and they must also show that the employer did not have a legitimate reason to terminate or discipline the employee

Minimum wage violations

All employers must pay their workers at least the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is greater. In Texas, these are set at the same amount. Employers who try to get workers to perform tasks without paying or offer less than minimum wage for any kind of work can be reported to the Texas Workforce Commission. If violations are found, the workers are able to receive the full amount of pay that they were owed. 

Sexual harassment

Some employees are mistreated at work due to their gender or sex. When this happens it is considered sexual harassment. There are two main categories of legally actionable sexual harassment. The first is quid pro quo harassment where a boss or supervisor requests some kind of sexual acts from an employee. This is often done as a condition of employment or to receive benefits. The second kind of illegal actions by an employer are related to allowing the victim to be constantly exposed to a hostile work environment. This can happen when other coworkers, superiors, or even customers constantly mistreat the victim due to their sex or gender. For a hostile work environment claim to succeed, the plaintiff must show that their treatment would have affected the ability of any reasonable person to work and function properly.

Employment lawyers are available

Moore and Associates is an employment law firm that helps people with various workplace issues in San Antonio and other parts of Texas. They can assist with issues related to unpaid wages, sexual harassment, missing overtime, and discrimination.

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