What kinds of maintenance are property owners required to perform to avoid lawsuits in Iowa?

Iowa City, IA – Various kinds of properties can become hazardous if they are not maintained properly. This includes things like debris on the ground, wet floors, overgrown plants, and areas that are not cleaned regularly. Any business or land owner should be in the habit of performing some kind of maintenance to address these issues and keep their property clear. However, it is possible that someone will be injured due to these obstacles and they will want to bring a civil negligence lawsuit. There are some attorneys in Iowa who focus on these kinds of cases. 

What is premises liability?

As a general rule, property owners can be sued if someone was hurt in their buildings or on their land because of some kind of unsafe condition. The area of the law that deals with negligently maintained property and related issues is called premises liability. The possibility of lawsuits provides an incentive for those who own and maintain various kinds of businesses and properties to keep their guests safe from various kinds of hazards. 

Required maintenance

A victim can file a negligence lawsuit which argues that the property owner breached their standard duty of care. While the standard of care can change based on the situation, the property owner should perform any maintenance that would be expected of a reasonable person in the same situation. This should definitely include fixing known hazards and problems, as well as some kind of regular cleaning and restricting access to areas that may be dangerous. The most clear instances of negligence tend to be those where the property owner knows of a hazard or prior injuries, yet does nothing to protect their guests from potential harm. 

Compensation for victims

Anyone who has been hurt has the ability to argue that the property owner should be responsible for all of their losses related to the accident. These losses are referred to as damages, and they can include medical costs for injuries, lost income and wages if they missed time from work, and non-economic costs of pain and suffering. These amounts tend to increase as the victim sustains more serious injuries and requires extensive recovery time. Property owners may have to pay large amounts in some of these situations, which is why things like insurance coverage are important to avoid personal liability.  

Additional information about premises liability lawsuits

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that helps people throughout the state of Iowa with various kinds of injuries. Their experienced attorneys can provide advice about bringing a civil lawsuit for compensation against the person or business responsible for any losses.  

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