Odessa, TX – Any kind of sexual harassment in a workplace is illegal, and the victim has various remedies available. Employees who are concerned about their personal situation and possible instances of harassment can review various situations that potentially count as harassment. The workplace may face lawsuits if these issues are left unresolved for extended periods of time. 

The most common workplace situations that turn into harassment

Because some of these situations are common problems that are likely to occur, businesses should be especially careful of finding these kinds of harassment and educating employees as needed. 

Dating among employees can turn into harassment. While coworkers can possibly date without incident, repeated unwanted advances that make a person uncomfortable can rise to the level of harassment. Workers should receive regular training related to dating in the workplace, as this kind of harassment is often difficult to detect if it is limited to their personal interactions. 

Depictions of sexual material in pictures, clothing, or on devices such as computers and phones can become a problem. Employees should be aware that these kinds of images are not appropriate for display in the workplace, as they may make others feel uncomfortable. These kinds of depictions can also contribute to a hostile work environment if allowed. 

Improper treatment of female subordinates has been a consistent issue since sexual harassment laws were created. While harassment can occur between perpetrators and victims of any gender, there have been noted problems of male supervisors and managers mistreating their female employees. If these issues become serious enough, they can affect pay, promotions, benefits, and even cause the worker to leave the company. In severe cases, the victim’s career may be affected, and the employer may lose large sums of money due to lawsuits by the harassed worker.

Verbal insults, abuse, and inappropriate joking is another widespread form of harassment. Employees should be reminded that they are supposed to act in a professional manner in the workplace. Management should look to stop any kind of bullying or sexual comments that happen on a regular basis and are meant to insult an employee or specific group. 

Actions taken against workplaces that do not stop sexual harassment

When an employer is sued for these kinds of problems, they may have to pay the victim lost wages and benefits, costs associated with finding new employment, and even psychological treatment and counseling. It is usually more beneficial for the employer to invest in preventive training. 

Local labor attorneys in Odessa

Moore and Associates is an experienced firm that handles various employment law issues in the Odessa area. Anyone dealing with unpaid wages, discrimination, or harassment can contact their attorneys to schedule a meeting. 

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