Total acquittal was granted to Donald Trump on Wednesday. For those unaware, this means that Donald Trump is now allowed to resume his presidential duties. The fact that he was impeached will forever be a part of him and his record but he is now, once again, the president of the United States. The senate decided, based on the lack of evidence and witnesses from the opposition, that Trump was innocent of both the articles he was being impeached for.

As expected, Donald Trump was overjoyed, excited, and very open about his dislike for those who forced him to endure this lengthy trial. He went as far as to call the entire impeachment process a hoax and was glad to be celebrating his victory against the injustice of what he was put through.

Trump was acquitted despite being found guilty of abuse of power by Sen. Mitt Romney. The main reason the impeachment did not follow through and lead to him losing his position was that there weren’t enough witnesses and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the major allegations being made against him. Just like any other court trial a case is never complete without the appropriate evidence and witness testimonies to back up the claims being made. The more pieces of evidence a person can collect, the better their chances are of winning the case no matter how serious the allegations against them are.

How will the acquittal affect the coming elections?

Presidential elections will take place in November of 2020 and the verdict of Trumps impeachment may play a significant role in shaping the minds of many voters. Since Donald Trump was able to go through an impeachment process and come out with his title still in his hand, he may have won the vote of many who were otherwise against him. On the other hand, his escape from impeachment may work against him and may trigger urgency in the general public to take serious action and make sure to vote against him in the coming elections in order to bring a new governing authority in his place.

One take-home lesson from this impeachment trial which can extend to all branches of law is the necessity to have good attorneys by one’s side and the importance of having an adequate amount of documented evidence as well as witness testimonies on hand. The bigger the accusation a person wants to make against the opposing party, the more solid and relevant their evidence will need to be. Only when there is enough evidence and enough witness testimonies, will the argument be seen as valid and only then will one’s claims be taken seriously.



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