After facing a serious injury, you should prepare yourself to file a legal claim so you can receive an appropriate amount of compensation for your losses. It is best that you file your legal claim as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary complications in your case.

As an injured person in Florida, you have the option of claiming compensation for any sort of loss you may have experienced at the hands of the negligent party. This includes claiming for all medical expenses, all lost wages that were accumulated due to medical appointments, therapy and recovery, claiming for loss of quality of life due to permanent disfigurement,  claiming property damage, and even claiming emotional distress and suffering.

Economic vs non-economic damages

When it comes to proving economic losses, such as medical bills, and property damage, it is easy to estimate how much you will receive as you have the receipts to prove the amount the damages cost you. However, deciding how much you are entitled to for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering is not that straight forward. In all cases, the insurance adjuster, judge, and jury decide how much money you can receive for your non-economic losses.

If the negligent driver acted completely out of hand and irrationally, punitive damages can be claimed to penalize the driver. In Florida, there are damage caps for punitive damages which equals 3 times the total compensatory damage or $500,000 maximum. Whichever of the two is lower will be applied.

Claiming the cost of hiring help for household services in Miami Florida

After getting hurt in an accident, there are many things you probably will not be able to do around the house anymore. Simple tasks such as cooking, or housekeeping can become nearly impossible if you have a back injury or if you have permanently lost the function of a limb. The good news is you are eligible to make a claim for the expenses you may accumulate when hiring someone to carry out these household services for you.

Filing a lawsuit after facing personal injuries

If you are not satisfied with the amount of settlement initially offered to you by the other party and by the insurer, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them if you suffered very serious injuries. If you faced severe scarring, permanent disfigurement, the loss of a limb, or if one of your loved one lost their life due to their injures, a lawsuit is in order.

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