What makes a truck accident case in Iowa more challenging than a standard car accident lawsuit?

Iowa City, IA – When someone has been harmed by a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle, they may need compensation for a number of losses. Things like medical costs, property damage, and missed time from work tend to all add up to very significant amounts when compared to other motor vehicle crashes. There are some attorneys and firms who focus on truck crash issues in Iowa.  

Determining liability

In many truck accident cases, the employer of the driver will be liable for any damages. This is because companies are generally responsible for any damage or losses caused by employees engaged in their normal job duties. However, there are also exceptions for independent contractors, or employees who were engaged in misconduct or other non-standard activities when they caused the accident. They may be personally liable. The victim’s attorney will need to investigate to see who is the appropriate defendant in the case. 

Insurance issues

Because trucking accidents tend to be very expensive when all of the losses are added up, companies that operate fleets of vehicles will need a special kind of high risk insurance. However, despite the large coverage amounts, insurance companies will still fight to contest the damage and do what they can to dispute the amount or avoid paying out settlements and claims. Insurance companies may even act in bad faith and attempt to deny legitimate claims. 

Trucking regulations

If a negligence case was filed against a truck driver or company, there would need to be an investigation to see if any trucking regulations were violated. This can cover various areas from cargo loading and placement, hours of service and break times for drivers, whether the vehicle was maintained properly, as well as if drugs or alcohol caused the driver to crash. Standard traffic violations such as speeding or improper lane changes may be relevant as well in addition to these issues. 

Differences in vehicle sizes

A commercial truck can weigh as much as twenty or thirty times as much as a standard car. This means that serious injuries or fatalities are more common. It also means that there may be a long process to clean and clear the area, and attempts to obtain evidence during the investigation may not be easy. The attorney for the victim will have to work hard to try to get any relevant items from the crash scene. 

Iowa truck accident lawyers

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that handles various kinds of injury and accident cases for clients throughout the state of Iowa. Their attorneys can meet with anyone who has questions about the process to receive compensation and all related matters.

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