On August 18th, Floridians living in District 81, which encompasses west Boca Raton, parts of Pahokee, Belle Glade, South Bay, and Palm Beach will be asked to make a very important decision. On this day, Floridians will need to decide who they believe should be chosen to represent Florida House District 81. Although a few potential candidates are campaigning for the position, Michael Weinstein has proven to be most suited for it.


What makes Michael Weinstein the perfect candidate to represent Florida State House District 81?


  1. Michael Weinstein heavily supports police reform.

Recognizing a need for change in law enforcement, Mr. Weinstein has proposed this three-part approach that supports the changes community members want to see in law enforcement. The three-part approach looks something like this:


  1. Mandatory de-escalation training. Rather than having police officers resort to violence or applying deadly force, other tactics can be taught to de-escalate a situation so less lives are taken by the hands of police officers.
  2. Demilitarization of law enforcement. Although Mr. Weinstein believes that police officers should be equipped with the proper gear that can effectively protect them while they are doing their job, he says “that does not necessarily mean wearing fatigues and patrol officers driving unmarked cars.” Mr. Weinstein feels these things could potentially lead to “distrust” and he says they “are not necessary for effective law enforcement.”
  3. Citizen Review Boards.


  1. Michael Weinstein will push to get the economy back on track.

Although the economy has taken a hard hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Weinstein intends on ensuring that as states begin to make fiscal cuts needed to get the economy back on track, he will “ensure that social services [will] remain intact.” In addition, Mr. Weinstein has stated that he would “work to replace the state’s broken unemployment system.” In January, when Mr. Weinstein considered running for office, he decided to file an unemployment application to see how the “system worked.” To his surprise, Mr. Weinstein says “it took days of calls and emails to get a passcode to enter the system,” which is simply “unacceptable” when a person is trying to feed their family.


  1. Mr. Weinstein comes from a family of advocates who weren’t afraid to stand up for their community.

Michael Weinstein’s grandfather was an advocate for justice on the New York Supreme Court, his dad served as a Florida State Senator who fought for first responders and seniors, and his mom is the former CEO of a non-profit organization that supported local families. Mr. Weinstein is someone who understands the value of family, fairness, justice, and equality, the same values residents in District 81 have.


  1. Mr. Weinstein is the only candidate that lives in District 81.

Thirteen years ago, Mr. Weinstein and his wife rooted themselves in District 81 and still live there where they now are raising their 9-year-old daughter.


Michael Weinstein is more than a candidate seeking a seat in State House District 81. He is a father, a husband, a former prosecutor, and a Democratic community activist. He also gives back to the community through the legal services he offers out of his criminal defense law firm. Change is possible with Mr. Weinstein in office as he understands various areas of law and is capable of drafting new laws that members in his community would support.

If you wish to endorse Mr. Weinstein for State House, you can do so now by clicking here.

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