What prevents truck drivers from drinking before operating their vehicles in Brusly Landing?

Brusly Landing, LA – While anyone who uses alcohol or drugs before driving creates a significant danger on the roads, this is especially true for large commercial vehicles that can cause more damage than a standard car crash. For this reason, there are a number of specific regulations related to the use of commercial vehicles and other drunk driving laws that apply to commercial drivers only. These are not absolute guarantees that truckers will never consume alcohol before driving, but they can help prevent accidents and raise awareness. Anyone who needs legal advice after being injured by a trucker or other commercial vehicle can speak with attorneys near me and decide if a lawsuit is necessary. 

Lower legal limits

A driver of a standard vehicle can have a blood alcohol concentration of less than .08 before they are considered legally drunk and can be prosecuted. In some cases, this can potentially allow the personal to drive legally after small or moderate amounts of alcohol consumption. However, for commercial drivers, this limit is lowered to .04 due to the increased dangers associated with operation of a large semi truck or other commercial vehicles. In practice, this tends to function as a deterrent from driving after consuming any alcohol at all, as the limit is very low. 

Background checks

Employers who hire commercial drivers will check for a number of issues, such as the person’s prior driving record, any criminal offenses, and any substance abuse problems. A commercial driver who has already caused a drunk driving accident will have significant issues trying to find employment after the incident. These checks are usually thorough enough that drivers who present any kind of serious risk may not be hired by companies, and they can be forced to drive as an independent contractor and obtain their own insurance. 

Civil lawsuits

If a commercial vehicle driver causes an accident, it is possible that their employer or the individual driver can be liable for paying for all of the damage through a civil lawsuit. This generally requires the company to carry special insurance, as damage from a trucking accident usually costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Employers will also want to be especially careful about which drivers they hire as a means of minimizing the possibility of collisions and lawsuits.

Injury lawyers in Louisiana

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