What qualifies as wage theft in Abilene?

Abilene, TXEmployers are regulated in terms of how their workers must be compensated. Despite these laws and regulations, not being paid properly is a very common problem for people who work in Texas and other parts of the country. Almost every time an employer short changes a work in some manner, this can be considered wage theft. In some cases, the worker may be able to simply notify the employer of the pay error and have it corrected. However, there are also situations where the employee may have to file an unpaid wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission, or file a lawsuit with the help of an attorney to receive any unpaid wages.   

Types of wage theft

Any time an employer does not pay their workers in compliance with all applicable wage regulations, this is considered a type of wage theft. Some of the most likely types of wage theft include unpaid overtime, paying less than minimum wage, asking for additional work after an employee has clocked out, taking a worker’s tips, or taking illegal deductions from the person’s paycheck. Wage theft can also take many other forms depending on the specific industry and worker’s situation. As a general rule, workers need to be compensated for all tasks done under their employer’s command, they must be paid at least minimum wage, there are laws that describe what kind of break time is required, and overtime is required for most workers who have recorded more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period. 

Regardless of the specific kind of wage violation that is found, the employer is required to correct it or they can face investigations and other consequences. It is their responsibility to understand how to pay their workers properly. 

Remedies for wage theft

In all instances of wage theft, the employee is entitled to the full amount that they should have been paid by law. There also may be additional damages for things like interest on late wages, or liquidated damages depending on the details of wage violation. In Texas, the worker needs to report all wage theft within six months of when they should have been paid properly. Those who need assistance with the process to dispute wages with their employer, or formally report the incident to the Texas Workforce Commission should seek advice from an attorney. 

Additional help from a labor attorney

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