Phoenix, AZ – A divorce is a life changing event that should not be taken lightly. There can be financial consequences for years to come, parents may have limited access to their children after a custody hearing, and the person will likely have to relocate to a new residence. Their personal life is also likely to change greatly after a divorce due to a number of different factors. For these reasons, it is important for anyone who is about to file divorce papers to meet with an attorney and ask questions about some crucial matters. 

Questions about finances

Many divorces happen because the couple continually argues over financial problems. Unfortunately, financial issues tend to also be at the forefront of a divorce and each spouse will likely have to come up with a new budget for their single life. The property division phase of a divorce can also be a stressful time, as certain items may be subject to division by the courts, and it is also possible that real property and other assets will need to be liquidated. 

How child custody rights will be affected

Couples who have children need to be mindful of the fact that their custody time will be divided following the divorce. Each parent should prepare for the custody hearing with their own attorney to avoid an unfavorable outcome such as losing large amounts of time with their children. If a parent has issues with criminal behavior or other problems such as domestic violence, they may lose most or all of their custody rights

Is there any hope of saving the marriage?

In most cases, if at least one spouse has gotten to the point where they are about to file for divorce, the marriage is likely at its breaking point. It can be a good thing for the couple to walk away from a failed relationship, even if the divorce process is difficult. However, the person who is about to file for divorce should speak with their lawyer and others outside the marriage to get an outside opinion regarding whether their marriage seems beyond repair. In situations where there is one specific source of tension, the marriage can possibly be salvaged. However, if the marriage has had a long history of constant arguments and other problems, it is probably unrealistic to think the couple will suddenly change and start to get along. 

Learning more from a local family attorney

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that helps people with divorces, child custody issues, support payments, and other family law problems in Phoenix. Their attorneys can provide specific advice to anyone who schedules a consultation. 

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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