Longwood, FL—When a breach of contract occurs, it can put a business’s profits in jeopardy. Depending on the type of contract that was signed, a business’s personal information could also be put at risk of being compromised or lost. If a business owner in Longwood, FL signed a contract with another business or individual and they violated one or more terms of the contract, a business law attorney can determine what remedies are available to them.

Generally, when one party breaches a contract, there are two ways the matter can be resolved, both of which are discussed down below.


Settle the Issue Privately


When a party breaches a contract and it causes the other parties involved to suffer in any way, they could approach the party that violated the terms for financial relief. If the breach of contract caused the other party(ies) to lose profits or harm their reputation, they could have their Longwood, FL business law lawyer value the damage and request that the other party provides them with compensation.

The two parties can work together to reach some sort of agreement so that the case can be settled privately and without the help of the court.


Settle the Issue with the Help of the Court


If a business owner is unsuccessful at setting the matter privately or they would prefer to take legal action, they can file a lawsuit against the person or business who breached the contract. In their lawsuit, they will need to highlight what they are seeking in terms of damages (i.e. financial relief) and should be prepared to defend themselves in court.

Business owners who do not have experience with filing a civil lawsuit or do not wish to handle the matter themselves can contact Legal Counsel P.A. for legal assistance.


What happens once a breach of contract lawsuit is filed in Florida?


When a breach of contract lawsuit is filed, the defendant (i.e. the party being sued) will be notified that they are being sued and will be given the opportunity to respond. If they decide to provide the plaintiff with the damages they are seeking and/or agree to the terms they are asking them to follow, then the case can end there.

However, if the defendant decides to challenge the lawsuit, whether it is because they don’t want to pay or don’t believe they did anything wrong, then the case would run its course and a judge would make the final ruling on the matter.

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