What Residents Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents in St. Louis, MO

Although St. Louis is famously known for being the second-largest city in the spectacular state of Missouri, it has a population of a little over three hundred thousand people. Consequently, there is plenty of space for drivers to enjoy every day, whether commuting to and from work or heading to a local attraction with loved ones.

However, accidents are sometimes inevitable, especially during heavy traffic hours. A motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis can help residents immensely when they are involved in unfortunate collisions. They can assist the victims in claiming fair compensation, allowing them to return to normal lives as promptly as possible.

But why do motorcyclists get trapped in traffic accidents in the city?

The following information answers this critical query, besides elaborating on why hiring a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney is paramount.

Why they occur

St. Louis is a fantastic place to ride a motorcycle, offering spectacular routes like River Kings Row and the famous Missouri Wine Country. However, motorcyclists account for approximately ten percent of traffic accident-related fatalities in the US, including in St. Louis.

Motorcycle accidents happen in many different ways in the city, with the typical causes including distracted driving, rash and reckless driving, and tailgating on the part of car drivers. Road rage is another major issue in the city, where one driver gets angry at another driver for negligible reasons. Other times, poor road conditions or bad lighting make an accident much more likely to occur than usual.

Lastly, high-traffic areas like I-64 and I-270, which witness a vast number of heavy vehicles like trucks, can be challenging for motorcyclists to navigate, making them susceptible to collisions.

Common injuries

Although the true extent of injuries and damage typically depends on the severity of the crash, some standard injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents in St. Louis are head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. Some others suffer from severe road burns, wherein the skin is flayed away due to rubbing against the rough road surface.

Back injuries and other types of trauma are also common, such as psychological trauma such as PTSD, which can often lead to depression and chronic anxiety if left unaddressed.

What residents should do after an accident

If you sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident in St. Louis, it is pivotal to call 911 and seek medical attention immediately. That’s because approximately seventy percent of such crashes in St. Louis result in grave injury or death. You should also call your insurance company so they can take care of getting your motorcycle repaired or replaced if it was damaged as a result of the crash.

In the meantime, it is advisable to call a friend or family member for assistance in dealing with any emotional issues that may arise from being injured on the road. Another critical thing to do is take pictures of the crash site and collect eyewitness accounts if possible, as these will help your attorneys seek compensation for your accident. It will help them establish liability on the party responsible for the crash and causing you grievous injuries.

Why a motorcycle accident attorney is important

An established motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis can help you understand and know your legal rights. They can help you know what steps can be taken to protect yourself from liability and the estimated compensation you might be entitled to. A capable St. Louis lawyer can file for maximum compensation on your behalf, negotiate with the insurance company and other parties involved, and represent you in court if necessary.

Also, note that reputable local lawyers give free case evaluations so that you can check whether their services are worth the cost. You can check their website for positive client reviews and the total compensation they have helped their clients receive.

Lastly, they also help in other injury cases, such as car accidents, dog bites, nursing home abuse, swimming pool accidents, premises liability, burn injuries, and much more.

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