What should a driver in Arkansas do immediately after an accident?

Pine Bluff, AR – Immediately after someone has been involved in a car collision, there are a number of problems that become apparent. Auto insurance rates may go up, there is property damage to the vehicle that may be repaired, and the driver or anyone else inside may require medical attention and miss time from work. Individuals who are in this situation can get help during both the insurance process and during the course of a civil lawsuit. It is important for all drivers involved to follow the steps to protect their legal rights and financial interests.  

The first steps right after a crash

Immediately after the collision, the driver and passengers should check for injuries in their own vehicle and at the scene. The local police or emergency services through 911 should be contacted depending on the severity of the injuries. They will attempt to assist people who are injured or facing the possibility of serious medical problems first. 

After the police arrive on the scene, they will begin an accident investigation and generate their own report based on the evidence that they find. Once the driver is safe, they should begin the process of contacting the other drivers and vehicles involved, and documenting the accident through things like pictures and witness testimony. The local police will also start to document what they see on the scene, and much of this information should end up in their final accident report. This evidence may be used during a lawsuit or insurance claim. 

Once the scene seems to be cleared and safe, the driver should notify their insurance provider and go through their accident process. This will normally include some basic details about when and where the collision happened, along with other information from the scene. If the car is damaged and the driver has collision insurance, the company will pay for the damage to the vehicle, minus the deductible that must come out of the driver’s pocket. 

Learning about civil lawsuits

There are some car crashes that are not totally covered by insurance, and they require additional money to remedy the situation. Personal injury attorneys in Arkansas help victims who have to deal with the aftermath of accident cases and the significant associated expenses. They can file a lawsuit against the other drivers involved, and make them pay for things like medical treatment, lost income, and pain and suffering. The evidence collected from the scene by the driver and police will be crucial during this process. 

Getting more information from a local lawyer

USAttorneys.com is a directory that helps people find a lawyer to solve their problems. Anyone who has been involved in an accident in Pine Bluff or anywhere else in the state of Arkansas can use the directory and contact a local attorney for more information. 

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