In order for an employee to obtain workers’ comp benefits, they must be eligible to receive them. Given that they do, their employer is expected to notify their insurer that an employee of theirs contracted an illness while on the job and needs a claim opened. While most workplace injuries and illnesses are covered by workers’ comp insurance, there is a gray area when it comes to claims that stem from COVID-19.

Although Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis did issue a directive earlier this month that orders the Division of Risk Management to pay workers’ compensation claims for frontline employees who work for the state, there may be some who won’t qualify for coverage [Source: Tampa Bay Times]. The fact is, workers will need to prove that they contracted the illness while at work and that their line of work puts them at an increased risk of contracting the illness.

For those that are unable to do this, they may have a hard time obtaining the workers’ comp benefits they are entitled to.

While some insurers may decide to cover workers’ comp claims, there is likely going to be several claims that are going to be tossed into the denial pile. If your COVID-19 workers’ comp claim was denied yet you believe you are entitled to benefits, we do recommend that you contact Miami, FL workers’ compensation lawyer Mario Trespalacios for legal advice. The fact of the matter is insurers are receiving an influx of claims—from businesses, doctors, employers, etc., which means agents will not be approving each and every claim they receive. The insurance industry has already warned that the losses associated with COVID-19 would cost far more than it is willing to pay out which means claims are going to be denied more often than we would like.


What can a Miami, FL workers’ compensation attorney do for you?


Although it takes little effort for an insurer to mail you out a denial letter, you might find it difficult to get in touch with an insurance agent or obtain the information you need to appeal the insurer’s decision to deny your claim. However, when you have a Miami, FL workers’ comp lawyer such as Mario Trespalacios assisting you, you can expect that your concerns are going to be addressed much quicker.

At a time like this, you need a legal expert who has experience with handling denied workers’ comp claims so that you are able to obtain the medical care and/or reimbursement for lost wages you need right now. Let Mario Trespalacios P.A. be your legal voice and challenge the insurer’s decision to deny your COVID-19 claim.


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