What should a person do after a car accident in Westminster that was not their fault?

Westminster, LA – If a driver is suddenly struck by someone else through no fault of their own, they can take certain actions to protect themselves and receive compensation for any damage caused by the other driver. Both the insurance process and the civil legal system protect drivers who are not at fault through the availability of monetary compensation. However, to maximize the chances of success in a lawsuit or insurance claim, the driver should follow a few important rules. 

For additional information about these processes, it is recommended that anyone who has been injured in a crash get legal advice from a licensed attorney. 

After the accident

The person should remain at the scene, notify the local police and contact their insurance company as soon as realistically possible. This will start an investigation into the car accident, as well as notify the insurance company to start the claim process where the victim may be able to receive certain types of compensation for their losses based on their policy and the type of damage in the accident. Either the victim or police can also start to gather some basic evidence at the scene such as pictures to document the damage. 

Meeting with an attorney

There are lawyers in every city who dedicate their practice to motor vehicle accident cases. They will use the available evidence such as pictures of the scene and testimony from witnesses to help prove which driver is at fault and receive compensation for their client through a settlement. Lawyers in this practice area are skilled in negotiation and argument techniques that are used to compensate their clients adequately based on their specific losses. 

Negligence lawsuits

Lawyers have the option of bringing a negligence lawsuit against the driver responsible for all of the victim’s losses and injuries. Negligence is a legal concept that is similar to fault, as these kinds of cases argue that the defendant did not meet the required standard of care which resulted in the plaintiff’s damages. This deviation from the standard of care is generally shown through things like traffic violations, distracted driving, or even criminal offenses such as drunk driving. A negligence case also allows the plaintiff to ask for various kinds of damages. Damages can be economic losses such as medical bills, missed time from work, and projected future costs related to injuries. There are also non-economic damages for pain and suffering. 

Assistance from an accident attorney

There are accident lawyers in Westminster who can provide advice to anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle collision. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced personal injury firm that works with clients in Louisiana. 

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