What should a worker in Sugar Land do when they find they have not been paid properly?

Sugar Land, TX – There are various laws and regulations which are meant to ensure that all American workers are paid properly. This includes minimum wage laws, overtime laws, and protections against various forms of wage theft. Protections also apply even if the employer is simply mistaken about how to pay the person properly or there are improper deductions from their check. When someone who has not been paid properly discovers the problem of unpaid wages, they can get legal help and other forms of assistance, including filing a lawsuit if necessary. There are labor attorneys in Texas available to answer questions about wage theft for those who need more information. 

Innocent errors

In some cases, the employer may have made an honest mistake or had a payroll software error. The issue still needs to be corrected if the employer has not done so intentionally. In these situations, it may be sufficient for the worker to simply notify their employer or payroll department and have the problem corrected. If the employer does pay all of the outstanding wages, no further action is likely required. However, the situation should be escalated if the employer is uncooperative.  

Pay records

Workers should also get into the habit of checking and keeping their pay statements. When needed, they can also review the employer’s records for accuracy, as employers are required by law to have complete records of pay with identifying information of each employee. Pay statements or records that have inaccuracies can become important pieces of evidence if an investigation or lawsuit is necessary. 

Filing a formal complaint

Employees in Texas have the right to contact the Texas Workforce Commission to start an investigation into unpaid wages. The commission can use various powers granted by the government to request that records be produced, along with using other investigatory powers. Investigations can also include interviewing and questioning people at the company, as well as long for systemic problems with the ways in which the company pays its workers. Some common issues that are found include overtime law violations or illegally withholding a worker’s tips. 

Unpaid wage lawsuits

If a worker cannot get a resolution from their employer, they can retain an attorney to take formal legal action. The attorney can sue the employer for the entire outstanding amount of money, including any interest on late wages or liquidated damages. 

Advice from labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates helps workers in Sugar Land and other parts of Texas with their employment law issues. Those who need legal advice can schedule a meeting with their attorneys to learn more about wage theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other labor regulations. 

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