When a warrant has been issued for a person’s arrest in Oklahoma, it means law enforcement officials have identified them as a potential suspect who has committed a crime. Essentially a warrant gives police officers the right to arrest this person regardless of where they are, whether it be at work, driving in their vehicle, or at home. If you have found out that a warrant has been issued for your arrest and you live in Oklahoma, it is very important that you contact an OK criminal defense lawyer as they are the most qualified to provide you with legal advice at this time.


Understanding What Happens Once an Arrest Warrant is Issued in the State of Oklahoma


After you have connected with an OK criminal defense attorney, you may be informed to either turn yourself in or your lawyer can determine if there is anything that can be done to either clear up the warrant or address it in another way aside from you being detained. In the event you must turn yourself in, here is the process that shall ensue.


  1. After being taken into police custody, you shall be booked into jail. In most cases, the jail will be located in the county in which the warrant was issued.


  1. Given you have been charged with a crime, you shall make an initial appearance, which is commonly referred to as an arraignment. An arraignment is the first time you will go before a judge. During the arraignment, your legal rights should be described to you and a bond may be set. Sometimes, a judge will grant an “Own-Recognizance Bond” (“O.R. Bond”) which requires no payment of money to a bondsman,” or they may set an amount in which you will be responsible to pay if you wish to be released. The judge will also provide you with the date for when you are required to appear back in court.

Important: There are times when a judge may decide to not grant a bond to an individual. This typically happens when the person committed a serious offense or is considered to be a flight risk. However, there are other times where a judge may choose not to grant a bond to a person despite the fact that the crime they allegedly committed is less serious in nature (i.e. a misdemeanor). In a situation like this, it is beneficial to have a skilled Oklahoma criminal defense attorney representing you as they can push for the judge to grant you a bond.


3. A second hearing is held where you and your defense lawyer will meet with the prosecutor and announce whether you want to plead guilty or take your case to trial. You may also work with the prosecutor in an effort to resolve your case through plea bargaining. In most cases, a defendant will either plead guilty or no contest to the charges filed against them in exchange for a reduced sentence or having some of their charges dismissed.

Now, if you choose to let your case go to trial, a jury may be assigned to it. If a jury is assigned to your case, they shall decide whether you are guilty of the crime(s) you were charged with. If a jury has been waived, then the judge will rule on the case.

Now, the criminal process is one that you do not want to enter into on your own. Instead, it is recommended that you retain a criminal defense lawyer in OK who can help you from the start of your case all the way through to the end. From helping you understand your charges to deciding how to plead, a defense lawyer is going to be there with you through it all serving as your support system.


Contact an OK criminal defense lawyer after learning a warrant has been issued for your arrest.


If you or a loved one has recently learned that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you can contact The Henson Law Firm, PLLC to speak with an experienced OK criminal defense attorney. The Henson Law Firm, PLLC offers free consultations and is available to speak with you and explain how they assist you through this difficult time in your life.

The longer you wait to address the warrant, the worse it could be for you. Therefore, if you are ready to receive legal advice or help that could potentially alleviate you from having to go to jail, contact this criminal defense law firm at 918-551-8995.


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