Like any vehicle, large commercial trucks require maintenance on a recurring basis to ensure they continue to work properly. Maintenance checks help identify any issues with the vehicle that could ultimately place the driver at risk along with anyone traveling on the roadway as well. Truck drivers are out on the roads day in and day out which means that these vehicles are being worked tremendously. So, if a company neglects to maintain the truck it sends out, it can be expected that things will eventually start to go wrong with it.
If an employer of a commercial vehicle fails to monitor and maintenance a large truck’s tires, it could ultimately lead to a major truck accident.
Take the tires for instance. The roadway brings upon a lot of wear on the tires not to mention the heavy loads these truckers are transporting. Without the proper maintenance, these tires can become a hazard and ultimately lead to a truck accident.
Are you a truck driver who was involved in an accident in Las Vegas, Nevada? Do you believe your employer failed to provide you with a vehicle to use that was safe to take out on the road? If you answered yes, then you are going to want to speak with a truck accident lawyer like George R. Fusner Jr. He can help to get your claim filed and you the money you deserve that could cover accrued medical expenses, loss of income, and many other types of damages that often arise out of a truck accident case.

Who is Held Liable When a Truck Accident is Caused by Defective Tires?

Our tires play a large role in how our vehicle drives. If a truck’s tires aren’t in good condition and it happens to be raining, the trucker could have a harder time operating the vehicle and potentially cause an accident. In a case such as this, who would be blamed? The trucker? The company? Perhaps this would be a great question a Las Vegas, Nevada truck accident attorney at Edward Bernstein & Associates could answer. However, if you consider whose fault it truly was, then you might be able to understand who should in fact be held accountable.
In a case involving a commercial truck crash, it all comes down to who is responsible for maintaining the vehicle and why the collision occurred. If the driver had nothing to do with it and the tires were the mere cause of the trucking accident, the leasing company who is responsible for getting it the checkups it requires could very well be held liable for damages as well as the truck driver’s employer. And don’t forget about the tire manufacturer. Sometimes, manufacturers make mistakes in the production of items and that ultimately could lead to a failed tire.

Were You Recently Harmed in a Truck Crash?

Now, if you have sustained serious injuries in a trucking accident in Nashville or a neighboring city, you do want to consult with trucking accident attorney George R. Fusner. With years of experience in the field of law, George R. Fusner can provide you with the support, advice, and guidance you need during a tough time such as this. You can contact the firm now by calling (615) 251-0005. You can also visit their website here

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