What should Woodstock Georgia drunk driving accident victims do to recover losses?

Georgia – August 26, 2022

Drunk driving accident victims may have questions and concerns after they suffer personal injury or property loss because of an accident. Accident victims may need to recover compensation for their losses in a timely manner and an experienced Woodstock lawyer can be of assistance to that end.  They can navigate the legal process toward a strong settlement to cover any related expenses or negative life changing residual injuries that impact a victim’s livelihood.

DUI fatalities.

It is illegal to drive with a BAC higher than .08 in Georgia but still approximately one quarter of Georgia’s roadway fatalities are DUI-associated. The state reports 12,008 DUI convictions for 2020. The more complex the highway system is and the increased number of cars on a roadway directly impacts the danger of drunk driving accidents, and reveals deaths related to DUI are highest in the urban areas of Georgia.

United States excessive cost of drunk drivers.

United States statistics reveal a cost of approximately $44 billion dollars a year related to drunk driving related damages and deaths. Individuals who are involved in a drunk driving accident in Woodstock Georgia that has caused injuries necessitating medical procedures and permanent physical damage should hire a Georgia personal injury attorney.

Recoverable damage compensation.

Georgia is a modified comparative fault state which enables plaintiffs to seek damages up to 50 percent if they were partially responsible. A plaintiff shall not be entitled to receive any damages if they are 50 percent or more responsible for injury or damages claimed.  It is a tort law that allows plaintiffs to sue for the percentage of damages caused by the defendant.

Damages include compensation for replacement or repair of property, costs incurred from medical professionals treating injuries, loss of wages, changes in lifestyle, pain and suffering and wrongful death claims including funeral expenses and future financial losses to family members as pain and suffering due to loss. Because the compensation will be based on the award set by a court of law, it is important for you to keep good records of all costs incurred from the accident.

Legal expertise.

An experienced Georgia accident lawyer will provide victims with legal expertise to develop a solid case against the driver who has been negligent through their drinking and driving. Woodstock personal injury attorneys will act as a liaison between treating medical professionals, auto repair personnel, police officers and criminal attorneys who handle the State’s case for the criminal act of driving under the influence, along with providing professional interactions with the insurance company toward expedient payments to cover immediate medical costs and funeral or burial arrangements in the event of a fatal injury.

Professional legal interactions could set victims up for a comprehensive settlement based on in-depth medical reporting including current, residual, and permanent damages caused by the accident, and the expenses related to the loss of individual property. An attorney at the Amanda Hall Injury Law Firm in Woodstock, specializing in Georgia accident laws involving drunk drivers and DUI claims can help.

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