For the most part, DUI charges are a serious matter. If convicted for a DUI, you are most likely to straddled with:


  • hefty fines
  • possible jail time
  • probation
  • have ignition interlock devices installed on all your vehicles
  • be subjected to alcohol counseling
  • all at your own expense and time

There are certain things you should and should not do if pulled over for a DUI or after being involved in a DUI accident. Here are some top tips from some of the best DUI legal representatives that can be found on this site. is there for you. If you need a legal representative we have one for you. We have more than one so you can pick. Make the call today. Legal help is right around the virtual corner!
The DA will not inform you of this site but since you made it this far, you are on the right track.
Call for medical help if required – The first priority will always be your own safety and the safety of those around you. If you believe you or anyone else needs medical assistance or treatment, you should call for medical emergency assistance without a second thought. In fact, you may not realize you are injured because of the adrenalin rush after an accident. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to call for medical help anyway.
Report the accident – If law enforcement officers aren’t already at the scene, you should report the accident. Remember that it is a legal requirement as per state laws to report all accidents involving substantial property damage or physical injury.
Refrain from making statements – One of the most common mistakes which people make is that they apologize even though it was not their fault. Remember that an apology will be considered as an admission of guilt in the eyes of the law and also from the other driver. They may have ran a red light! They could have been half or almost asleep while driving, for example. Another rookie mistake is to answer questions posed by law enforcement officers or make statements voluntarily.
Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have made self-incriminating statements without even knowing that you did. This is why the best practice will be to refrain from making any statements at all and instead redirect all questions to your DUI legal counselor.
Collect evidence – The scene of the accident, right after the accident, is the best place to collect evidence which is readily available. This will surely help you at a later stage when the case goes to court.
You can use your smart phone to take pictures of the debris, take pictures of all of the license plates of all vehicles involved, record statements if anyone involved in the accident is willing to make or any witness is willing to make. In addition it is important to note the names, addresses, and contact information of everyone involved and note the badge numbers of the responding officers.
Seek legal counsel – Last but most importantly, you should not waste any time in securing an Orlando, Florida DUI lawyer ASAP to start working on your case. is just the place to find the most aggressive and talented legal representatives. Go to the front page of this site and use Local Lawyers Directory Search to your advantage. With a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, you have access to some serious legal acumen. You should see more than one attorney, click and call.
You only need one. You can also use the interactive map to locate an attorney as well.
If you need further assistance or have any questions use the live chat option or fill out the contact form and we will call you back promptly. Depending on the day, within a couple of hours is our goal.
We know you are frustrated right now and have a pending case coming up. We know you want legal answers. Use this site to find the legal assistance you need and your life can become much brighter.

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