Accidents involving parked cars can be horrific because the person in the parked car has no time to react. These individuals may have to face the full brunt of a collision before they even put their keys in the ignition. It can feel very unfair to have to deal with the trauma and expenses of a car accident despite not even driving on the road. 


If you were involved in an accident where someone crashed into your parked car, get in touch with the Law Office of Brian K Branch and get legal help right away. Branch’s firm has been helping clients in New Mexico get compensation for car accidents for over three decades. They can do the same for you. 


What are the rules for car accidents with parked cars? 


The good news is that nine times out of ten, the person who hit the parked car is 100% liable for damages, given the following circumstances: 


  • The car was legally parked
  • The car was properly parked within the designated area
  • The person who drove into the parked car did so because of their own mistake. Otherwise, the crash could be the fault of a third party, such as another motorist, cyclist, etc. 


New Mexico uses the “comparative negligence” system whereby the fault of an accident can get divided up between parties. Sometimes it can be 50/50, and other times it can be 90/10. This means that if you’ve incurred $10,000 in damages, but you’re 10% at fault, you will only be eligible to receive $9,000. Hopefully, you’ll be eligible to receive compensation for 100% of your damages if you were in a parked car during the collision. 


What compensation am I entitled to? 


You should be entitled to compensation for all damages incurred during the accident. In most cases, you should be able to get the compensation you deserve from an insurance policy. Your attorney can maximize your potential settlement by negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. Damages can include all repairs to the car, non-economic injuries, and economic damages. 


In severe cases, insurance policies may not be enough to cover expenses, and it might be necessary to sue the other driver in a personal injury lawsuit. 


Common injuries in these types of accidents can include: 


  • Neck injuries
  • Back or spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries, such as contusions or concussions
  • Cuts, bruises, scrapes
  • Disfigurement
  • Broken bones
  • In severe cases, burns


If you’ve experienced a severe injury, it’s absolutely imperative to be medically assessed. You also need to collect all documentation for the courts and/or insurance companies. 


Do you need help getting compensation for your car accident in New Mexico? 


Call the Law Office of Brian K Branch today to start the legal process and get the compensation you deserve.


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