What to look for when choosing a funeral home in Boca Raton, Florida?

When a family loses someone they love, it can stir up a whirlwind of emotions, especially if their death was an untimely one. As difficult as it can be to cope with the loss, some very important decisions need to be made after a loved one has passed away. Choosing the type of burial service and where it will be held are two things that must be decided upon in the days following an individual’s passing.


How to Choose a Funeral Home


If a family is left with the decision on where to hold their loved one’s funeral, whether it is because their family member failed to make the arrangements prior to their death or left this detail out of their will, they may be feeling a little lost. With so many homes to choose from, how does a family know which one to pick? Well, there are a few important things they will want to assess when trying to choose which funeral home to hold their loved one’s burial service at.

Some factors a family should consider when looking for a funeral home in Boca Raton include:


  • Whether the home is non-denominational or not.

Some funeral homes only offer services to those of a certain faith. Glick Family Funeral Home, however, is a non-denominational funeral home located in Boca Raton that offers services to those of any faith, including Jewish, Protestant, and even Catholic. It can benefit a family to choose a non-denominational funeral home if isn’t clear what faith their loved one identified with or if they want to avoid having to search out the homes that only offer funeral services to those of a particular faith.


  • The cost of services.

The next thing families will need to consider when choosing a funeral home is the cost, especially if they are responsible for covering the burial expenses. The best way to find out how much services will cost is by contacting homes directly. Families can start by contacting Glick Family Funeral Home at 561-672-1880 to discuss the types of services that are offered and to receive a quote.


Tip: If a family lost a loved one in a preventable accident in Boca Raton, FL, and they are looking for financial help to assist with covering funeral and burial expenses, a Boca Raton, FL accident lawyer may be able to assist them with this. When a relative’s death is caused by someone else’s careless behavior, that individual may be liable for covering funeral costs and others a family might incur as a result of their loved one’s death.


  • The different types of services the funeral home offers.

Funeral homes offer different types of services, including burials and cremations. They might also have a funeral director who will come out soon after the passing of a loved one to assist with transporting the individual to the home. Knowing what services are available and which ones will be needed can help with the decision-making process.


Why Choose Glick Family Funeral Home


Glick Family Funeral Home is family-owned and operated. The staff there understands how difficult it is for a family to lose someone they hold so close to their heart which is why they work hard to make the burial process as easy as possible.


Glick Family Funeral Home is located at:


3600 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Phone: 561-672-1880

Website: www.glickfamilyfuneralhome.com

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