Charleston, SC – Most car accidents result in property damage along with injuries that are not life changing or fatal. It is likely that the victim will need to go through the insurance process, but if the injuries are not severe, there may need to be a judgment call regarding whether a civil case is necessary or not. This decision needs to be made on a case by case basis after an accident with professional guidance

Common injuries from minor car collisions

Many minor car collisions create various forms of soft tissue damage. This is when muscles, tendons, and other areas experience swelling or bruising. Moderate back pain and whiplash are also common, but they may not be severe if there was not a high speed impact.  

Specific medical advice should always be obtained from a physician, even for minor injuries. Chiropractors and physical therapists have special courses of treatment that they assign for car accident victims with moderate or minor problems. However, treatment may still take several months in some cases. It is also possible that a minor injury can have a permanent effect on someone’s mobility. 

Legal services and minor accidents

Anyone who has been injured should contact their insurance company and see a doctor as soon as possible. The decision to file a lawsuit should be made after speaking with these parties and their attorney. Although serious accidents with major injuries are most likely to result in lawsuits, it is possible that someone with lesser injuries will need legal help. One of the main factors that determines whether a civil case is necessary is the amount of money and time the victim lost. If the person had to take several days or weeks off of work and required multiple doctor visits, this can still result in thousands of dollars worth of losses and costs. Injuries that affect the person’s ability to work in their career field can also cause significant future lost earnings. 

Potential damages

Damages are the money that is paid to a victim through a settlement or after a jury decision that is based on their proven losses. The costs of medical treatment, property repairs, and other problems that follow the accident are the most significant way of proving damages. However, there are also non-economic damages for things like emotional pain, trauma, and suffering caused by injuries. In most cases all of these amounts are likely to be much larger if the collision was life changing or fatal. 

Personal injury attorneys 

The Clekis Law Firm assists people with injury lawsuits in the Charleston area and nearby parts of South Carolina. An initial meeting can start the process for advice and legal representation.

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