What types of personal injuries allow victims in Live Oak to receive compensation?

Live Oak, FL – Attorneys who focus on personal injury law can assist anyone who has sustained a physical injury due to the fault of another person or business. The injury can be minor or severe to bring a lawsuit, although people with more serious injuries and associated financial problems will likely receive more compensation. People who have recently been involved in accidents should seek out specific legal advice to determine whether it is necessary to bring a lawsuit, and the potential amount of compensation available. 

Proving damages

Anyone who brings a civil lawsuit to receive payment for their injuries will need to show damages. These are specific, tangible losses that were due to the defendant in the lawsuit’s negligent or reckless conduct. It is very unlikely that an injury lawsuit will be brought for mental or psychological damage alone. They are also the fourth element that must be shown to prevail in a negligence case. There are three main types of damages available in injury lawsuits in Florida.

Economic damages are related to the costs of medical treatment, losses to the victim’s career and earning potential, as well as project future costs of these problems. There is also the possibility that the victim can receive non-economic damages for pain, suffering, and other forms of mental and physical trauma related to their physical injuries. In some cases, the defendant may also be punished for reckless conduct through an award of punitive damages for the plaintiff as well, although this is rare. 

Related insurance issues

In many accident lawsuits, the defendant will end up paying the plaintiff a settlement through their liability insurance. This is true whether the defendant was a business or an individual driver on the streets. When an accident is reported and an insurance settlement is offered, it is important for the victim to review the settlement agreement before accepting. Once the settlement is signed, it will not be possible to bring any other claims or take further action related to the same incident, and no more money will be paid out. This can be a serious problem if the settlement offer was too low to cover the victim’s expenses. 

There also can be cases where an insurance company refuses to cover the specific type of damage for the defendant person or business, and they will be liable for paying out any damages through their own money. 

Accident lawyers in Florida

Koberlein Law Offices is available to help anyone who needs assistance with their accident cases in the Live Oak area. Victims who need advice from a local attorney can get in touch with the firm to schedule a consultation. 

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