What will happen to someone who has been convicted of domestic violence in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, NYDomestic violence is a serious crime that involves members of the same family or those who are in relationships. Because of the nature of this offense and the potential for repeat instances of violence, the government handles their prosecution of domestic violence differently from many other crimes. Anyone who has been charged with these kinds of offenses should meet with a family lawyer who has specific experience in this area for more information about the possibility of a defense. The family attorney can also provide advice about related matters that may emerge at the same time, such as a divorce or child custody changes. 

The integrated court system

New York’s courts have changed to become more efficient in handling domestic violence cases. This means that there is no longer a reason to have separate domestic violence and family law cases. A single judge can handle all related issues through the integrated domestic violence courts. These courts also provide other services for victims who need certain kinds of assistance after an incident and relocation.  

Criminal penalties

Domestic violence is a criminal offense, and this means that the offense can either be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the incident in question. Felonies are crimes that have the potential for at least a year in jail, while misdemeanors carry less than a year in jail time. Fines will generally range from a few hundred dollars up to five thousand dollars for those charged with serious felonies. After being released from prison, the defendant may also have to complete probation, community control, or various other programs. People who are repeat offenders are also likely to receive harsher sentences based on their prior illegal acts. Criminal convictions such as domestic violence also tend to cause severe damage to a person’s reputation, which can make it much more difficult to do things like find employment or apply for housing in the future. 

Protection orders

Anyone who is suspected or convicted of domestic violence will most likely be named in a protective order or restraining order by the victim as well. This means that the defendant is ordered to stay away from the individuals named in the order for a certain duration of time, usually while the criminal case is ongoing. Violation of the protective order by the defendant can result in being held in contempt of court and other penalties.  

Brooklyn family attorneys

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that helps people with all kinds of family law problems in New York. They provide assistance and guidance throughout divorces, custody hearings, and other matters such as domestic violence. 

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