Instead of racking up the viewers and the recognition for an amazing YouTube video, one woman is now racking up criminal charges she is facing for killing her boyfriend during the process of creating a video they desperately wanted to go viral.
Many individuals are desperate to get themselves noticed on social media, even if that involves them doing something dangerous.
We see viral videos hit various social media and other online platforms every day. Millions and millions of viewers tune in to watch these eye-catching broadcasts that display people like you and me doing things to get them recognized. Some people attempt dangerous acts while others use their natural skills to tempt audiences all around the world. Because social media has become so influential for many, it is becoming more of an obsession for some to create a way to get them noticed.
It would appear the desire to be liked on social media and have a following of thousands and thousands of followers is what got 19-year old Monalisa Perez facing charges for manslaughter for shooting her boyfriend in the chest.

Why was a gun involved in the making of the viral video?

Both Ruiz and Perez thought this stunt would get them some online buzz, however, it has led to much more serious consequences.
According to CNN, Pedro Ruiz III, 22, got the bright idea to have his girlfriend, Monalisa Perez, shoot at his chest while he held a book in front of it. He had hoped this stunt would lead to a viral video and them gaining more online viewers. Perez had mentioned in a post she Tweeted prior to the incident that they were going to attempt a dangerous stunt, one that wasn’t her idea. Ruiz had showed Perez a book he had shot where the bullet didn’t penetrate all the way through. Therefore, he thought this stunt would result in the same outcome, but using a different book.
Ruiz set up two cameras to catch the dangerous stunt and Perez was given a .50-caliber Desert Eagle handgun. Now, if you aren’t familiar with guns, this particular model is pretty serious. It was the pistol that was featured in several Hollywood films including Robocop and Cliffhanger and even the television show Miami Vice. According to, it is primarily used by hunters and target shooters and “uses a gas-operated mechanism that’s normally found in rifles.” Needless to say, this gun is one that is not to be played with. In fact, no gun should every be used to reenact a stunt or conduct one on your own just to catch the attention of online viewers.

Why is Perez being charged with manslaughter?

After firing the weapon, Ruiz died from the single gunshot. The video they thought would make them famous is being used for evidence in a case that was brought against Perez. She was arrested for the killing of her boyfriend and is facing 10 years in jail along with a fine of $20,000. She hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent her case which was a smart move on her part.
Criminal defense attorneys are crucial to have in any type of criminal case, no matter how small you might think it might be.
Perez is currently released on bond and is expected to be back in court July 5th.

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