When a person is renting out a property such as an apartment or a single-family home, they will generally sign a lease that stipulates what their obligations are to the landlord and what the landlord’s obligations are to them. Lease agreements are usually lengthy documents that serve as binding contracts between a tenant and landlord. If the tenant violates a section of the lease agreement, it could be grounds for the landlord kicking them out.


Examples of When a Tenant May be Evicted


According to The Florida Bar, a tenant has certain responsibilities they must comply with, all of which should be outlined in their lease. If a tenant fails to comply, it could be grounds for the landlord to initiate the eviction process. Some of the responsibilities of a tenant who is living in Orlando, FL include:

  • The tenant must “pay the agreed-upon rent and do so on time.”
  • The tenant is required to “comply with building, housing, and health codes.”
  • The tenant must maintain their dwelling and avoid damaging it, “other than the ordinary wear and tear.”
  • A tenant must also keep their dwelling clean and maintain plumbing.
  • Tenants must not violate the law or disturb the peace. The same rules apply to any guests a tenant may invite over.


If a tenant violates any of the responsibilities outlined above, their landlord cannot force the tenant out right away. Instead, if the landlord determines there is an issue or that the tenant is violating one or more sections of their lease, they are required to inform the tenant in writing of the issue and allow the tenant time to correct the problem. For example, if a tenant fails to pay rent or is accused of disturbing the peace, the landlord must provide written notice to the tenant so that he/she is given the opportunity to correct the issue.

In the event the tenant fails to correct the issue and the landlord has made the necessary attempts to get the problem resolved, he/she can then go to court and request to have the tenant removed. It is extremely important for tenants who have been threatened with eviction to understand what their legal rights are. For instance, a tenant has the right to argue their case in court if their landlord is attempting to evict them, and during this time, can still occupy the dwelling.


Tenants in Florida Should Speak with a Real Estate Lawyer to Become More Informed on What Their Rights Are


If a tenant believes their landlord does not have the grounds to evict them from their home, they should contact an Orlando, FL real estate attorney immediately. Legal Counsel P.A. is a real estate law firm located in Orlando that can help anyone who is facing eviction or believes they are being wrongfully evicted address the matter so that it can be resolved. To connect with a lawyer at Legal Counsel P.A., simply call 407-395-2653.


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