Dallas, TX – Many workers may find that they are treated unfairly while trying to complete their job duties each day. For this mistreatment to be considered sexual harassment, it must be due to the victim’s gender or sex, and other elements must also be shown to meet the requirements of the specific cause of action. There are generally a few different types of misconduct that will allow formal legal action to take place. Anyone who is concerned about workplace harassment should speak with a lawyer to see if they have grounds for a civil lawsuit for compensation related to their losses. 

The two main categories of sexual harassment

For sexual harassment cases, the victim needs to show that certain kinds of behaviors took place while they were working. These illegal behaviors are divided into two categories. One is called quid pro quo harassment and the other is called a hostile work environment. The defendant in the lawsuit will usually be the victim’s employer rather than any individual person. This is because employers are generally liable for the conduct of their workers.

Hostile work environments

For a hostile work environment claim, the victim needs to show that the conduct was so disruptive and pervasive that it would have affected any reasonable worker’s ability to function while trying to do their job. The case will likely be based on constant inappropriate jokes at the victim’s expense, multiple unwanted romantic advances, or other distractions. If the victim wants the hostile work environment claim to prevail, they will likely need some kind of evidence to show that they were mistreated on multiple occasions. 

Quid pro quo harassment

The most well known form of sexual harassment involves a worker’s boss or supervisor asking for sexual favors in exchange for employment, additional pay, or other benefits. While this is most common between a male boss and female subordinates, a victim of sexual harassment can be of any gender, and the gender of the person responsible does not matter either. The analysis will focus on the conduct in question regardless of who the people involved were. 

Assault and criminal liability

Victims of crimes such as sexual assault in the workplace may be able to assist local law enforcement with bringing criminal charges, and the option of bringing a civil case against the person or employer may be possible as well. An attorney who focuses on sexual harassment law can provide more specific advice. 

Meeting with a labor attorney in Texas

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