When can a worker sue their boss in College Station?

College Station, TXEmployers are restricted and regulated in terms of how they can deal with their employees. Certain behaviors are illegal, and even if the worker has done something wrong, they can only be disciplined or terminated for neutral reasons related to violations of company policies or criminal offenses. There are a few common scenarios that result in many legal actions against employers, and any worker who feels that these problems apply to them can get assistance from a labor attorney to decide on a course of action. 

Sexual harassment

A common situation where an employee needs to sue their boss is a kind of sexual harassment called quid pro quo. This is when a worker’s supervisor or manager asks for sexual favors in exchange for continued employment, raises or bonuses, or acceptance of a job offer. This is illegal, and it is one of the most likely types of workplace harassment that results in lawsuits. Aside from quid pro quo harassment, a worker’s supervisor can be sued if they allow a hostile work environment where the individual is consistently mistreated due to their gender or sex. The employer may be forced to pay out various forms of damages for things like lost income, expenses of finding a new job, and therapy or treatment. Many employers give those in management positions special training to avoid sexual harassment issues

Unpaid wages

All workers are entitled to proper pay in accord with all relevant laws, and they have the right to bring a civil case for compensation if the employer has not paid them properly. This includes things like overtime wages, illegal deductions, minimum wage violations, and various other forms of wage theft. The employer’s records may be inspected if they are sued or investigated, and they will have to pay the worker the full outstanding amount, along with additional compensation for interest on late wages. 


No employer is allowed to terminate a worker, discipline them, or deny them proper pay or benefits due to their membership in a protected class. All workers are members of protected classes based on their race, gender, religion, and national origin. If evidence of a discriminatory motive is discovered, the worker has recourse through various federal and state civil rights laws that can be used to file a case for compensation. 

More information from a labor lawyer

Moore and Associates is a firm that focuses on various issues related to unpaid wages, sexual harassment, and discrimination in College Station and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs assistance with bringing a civil case with the assistance of a labor attorney can contract the firm for more information. 

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