When Rights are Violated, Drug Charges Get Dropped

MOREHOUSE PARISH, Louisiana. Over the past several years, a national dialogue has been sparked regarding how to prevent police violations of civil rights. The fight for justice has been the result of coordinated efforts from grass roots groups as well as hard-working criminal defense attorneys dedicated to justice. Yet there remain many issues regarding the ways officers arrest and detain individuals who are suspected of committing crimes.
Just recently, the New York Times reported on the mistrial against the officer who shot Walter Scott. Despite video evidence of the shooting and strong community outrage, a conviction could not be made. Many people on both sides of the issue agree that when police overstep their boundaries and violate civil rights, officers should be held accountable. In some cases, officers are held legally and criminally accountable, but in other instances, officer misconduct can lead to charges being dropped.
The criminal defense attorneys at Ross Downs see drug possession cases where individuals discover that they can get their drug possession charges dropped due to civil rights violations. Take for instance a case reported by the Idaho Press Tribune. An individual was being charged with drug trafficking in marijuana and possession of cocaine. However, upon closer inspection at the way he was arrested, it became clear that the evidence gathered against him was no longer admissible. When officers were told that there were drugs present at the suspect’s home, the mother answered the door. Despite her repeated requests to see a warrant and repeated requests for an attorney, officers searched the home. Even though the woman eventually consented to the search, her request for an attorney was denied, making the results of the search invalid. The officer’s conduct resulted in wrongful interrogation of the woman. Individuals who face searches or interrogations are wise to ask to speak to a criminal defense attorney. You have the right to remain silent and have the right to counsel.
Police misconduct is a serious issue because it can lead to civil rights violations and situations where individuals are charged with crimes when officers failed to follow proper police protocol. If you’re facing criminal drug possession charges in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, it is important to seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. The Ross Downs criminal defense lawyers take the time to review cases, including taking a close look at the circumstances of an arrest or stop. For instance, even in a DUI, officers are required to have probable cause in order to stop a driver. A qualified DUI lawyer can get some charges dropped if officers failed to follow proper police protocol.
Sadly, many individuals go to jail even when police make crucial errors. This lack of oversight or consequences may lead to continued violations in the community in the future. If you’ve been arrested for drug charges or for a DUI, always ask for a lawyer. Not only do you protect your rights in doing so, but you’ll also gain professional legal expertise fighting on your side.

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