When will a truck driver face both civil lawsuits and criminal charges after an accident?

Arlington, LA – There are various regulations that affect both regular drivers and commercial vehicle drivers which are meant to keep the roads safe. When a truck driver causes a collision, they can be sued by accident victims for compensation. It is also possible that the driver will be arrested and face criminal charges for certain behaviors that led to a crash. There are attorneys who can help with the civil aspects of the case and bring a lawsuit against the driver and trucking company responsible. 

Driving under the influence

All drivers, regardless of whether they use a commercial vehicle or not, have to follow rules related to the consumption of drugs and alcohol before driving. Unfortunately, the trucking industry does have known issues with substance abuse partially due to the stress of the job and the dangerous nature of being on the roads for hours at a time. This means that some drivers may break the law by operating their vehicles while intoxicated. Penalties for DUI cases will normally include fines, prison time, and the loss of a commercial driver’s license. The victims will also be able to use evidence of intoxication against the driver in a civil case as well. 

Vehicular manslaughter

Sometimes a driver causes a fatal accident that may also result in criminal charges. There are certain manslaughter offenses that apply to drivers who engage in reckless or intentional behavior on the roads that leads to one or more deaths. Aside from these criminal charges filed by the government, victims’ families have the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit when a family member is killed in a motor vehicle accident. The laws for wrongful death cases are similar to civil negligence, but there are some differences about who can file the case and the types of compensation available. 

Hit and run accidents

Attempting to flee the scene of any accident without contacting the other drivers or calling for help is illegal. Louisiana has harsh penalties for those who leave the scene of a truck accident, and commercial drivers can face additional consequences from their employer and have their CDL revoked. If the driver is located after they fled the scene, they can be sued and it is likely that they, or their insurance provider, will have to pay the victim for any damage that they caused.  

Advice from a local attorney

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles personal injury cases for clients in Arlington and other cities in Louisiana. Their attorneys can provide advice about the process to bring a civil case against for compensation the person or business responsible for an accident. 

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