Brooklyn, NY – The reason child support payments exist is so that one parent does not have the total financial obligation of caring for their child if the other biological parent is available. Single parents may often need various forms of government assistance, which the government would rather avoid if both parents are found. Child support payments are based on income, and the parent with more custody rights will receive payments from the parent with less custody time. There are some family attorneys who help with these matters in New York, and they can assist with child support modification, custody hearings, getting an initial order for child support, and related issues. 

Fathers after a paternity testing

It is common for mothers who are uncertain about their child’s biological father to order a paternity test. If the biological father is found, this man can be made to pay child support. This obligation becomes legally binding until the child reaches adulthood once a judge formally puts an order in place. 

Parents with less custody time

When a custody hearing is completed, it is possible that one parent may have more custody time than the other due to their ability to be a better parent or other logistical reasons such as work schedules. It is common for the parent with more custody time to receive support payments to help offset the costs of raising the child. The parents are both expected to make a contribution to things like the child’s education, healthcare, basic necessities, and recreational activities. 

Voluntary parents

Even without a paternity test, it is possible that someone can voluntarily accept the responsibility to become a parent. This generally requires some kind of formal, sworn documentation. Anyone who chooses to accept the responsibility for a child through some kind of voluntary parenting arrangement such as adoption can possibly be made to send child support. It is also possible that a person who has been taking on the responsibilities of being a parent through their prior actions and behaviors may be ordered to continue to do so.


After someone has been ordered to make support payments, it is possible that this amount can be changed over time. This is done formally through the courts, so the person requesting permission to modify needs to get a new order from a local judge.

Advice from a local attorney

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that assists clients in Brooklyn and other parts of New York with issues related to divorces, child support, custody, alimony, and domestic violence. Their attorneys can provide advice to anyone who needs help with family law matters.

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