Who can be named as a defendant in a personal injury case in Yuma?

Yuma, AZ – Anyone who wants to receive compensation for their injuries will need to sue the person or entity responsible for the losses. As a procedural matter, the complaint drafted by the plaintiff’s attorney that begins the lawsuit must name the proper party as the defendant, or else the case can be dismissed because the named defendant was not actually responsible. Once the lawsuit is properly filed, the parties can gather evidence and exchange information through discovery to come to a settlement agreement. 

Additional information about the procedures necessary to file civil cases can be obtained from an experienced injury lawyer in Arizona

Individual people

In many cases related to auto accidents and other common sources of injuries, the person who is directly responsible for the injuries becomes the defendant. They will be personally named in the lawsuit, although it is possible that their insurance company will cover their liability if they need to pay out damages. In situations where an individual person does not have insurance, it may be difficult to collect money from them.


There are various government entities that can be sued in the United States. This includes local governments at the municipal and county level, state governments, and the federal government. If someone is hurt by an employee of these agencies, or on any property that they control, it is possible that the relevant government entity will be named as a defendant in the case. There are some different rules for lawsuits where the government is being sued, but the structure of the lawsuit is mostly the same.


A business is another entity that can be sued for negligence, normally when an employee of the business committed some kind of tort against the plaintiff. It is also possible that businesses are sued for things like defective products that cause injuries, or a piece of property that was not maintained and injures a guest or customer. 

Damages paid out by these entities

Any of these parties named as a defendant will have to pay out damages after a jury verdict or settlement. This is related to the specific losses listed by the plaintiff in the case, usually for things like lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Victims will likely get larger amounts if they were seriously hurt or had other kinds of losses that will affect them long term. 

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