Chula Vista, CA—When a car accident victim is unable to get in touch with the insurance adjuster who has been assigned to handle their claim, they can always contact a Chula Vista, CA accident attorney for legal advice.


Insurance companies are expected to be there after an accident to help individuals understand what their next steps should be, including how to recover compensation for things like medical expenses, vehicle repairs, etc. Adjusters should be willing to walk individuals through the claims process and help them understand what types of coverages are available to them. Unfortunately, this is far from what most car crash victims experience when they contact the insurer of the driver who was responsible for causing their accident.

Not only have insurance companies been recognized for denying claims even when coverage is available, but they also delay in getting them processed. Once a claim is filed with the insurer, the adjuster should process the claim within a reasonable amount of time so that the victim is able to get their medical care covered and they can obtain compensation to help them cover other accident-related expenses they incurred.

But what if the adjuster isn’t processing the claim and refuses to answer an accident victim’s phone calls?


When a situation like this arises, a victim has two options:


  1. Contact the California Department of Insurance.

While the California Department of Insurance says that it can sometimes take carriers up to 15 days to contact accident victims after they report their loss, they shouldn’t be waiting weeks or months to hear back from their adjuster. They also shouldn’t have to deal with an adjuster who doesn’t want to respond to their phone calls. If an insurance adjuster doesn’t return an accident victim’s calls and they feel there is no progress being made on their claim, they can report the insurer to the California Department of Insurance.


  1. Contact a Chula Vista, CA accident lawyer.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth are not only familiar with the laws that protect accident victims but also the laws that govern auto insurance companies. They can help an accident victim identify when the insurance company is handling the claim unfairly or in bad faith. Additionally, a Chula Vista, CA accident lawyer can take the necessary steps to get the insurer to process the claim so that the victim is able to recover the benefits they are due. In the event the insurance company fails to comply, an attorney can take them to court.


The last thing any car accident victim should have to deal with following the occurrence of a wreck is a non-compliant insurance adjuster. However, if this is the case and a victim is looking for legal help to get their issue resolved, they can contact The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth to discuss their case with a qualified accident attorney in Chula Vista.


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