Who is able to ride a motorcycle legally in Florida?

Boca Raton, FLMotorcyclists need to be extra careful on the roads due to an increased possibility of accidents, serious injuries, and fatalities. The state has anticipated these safety issues by creating stricter requirements for the use of motorcycle’s on the roads as opposed to standard cars. Safety and driving courses taught to motorcyclists have been shown to decrease the likelihood of accidents and fatalities involving bikers and help them manage their immediate environment on the road more effectively. 

However, not all motorcyclists always follow these rules or have the proper credentials, and they cause various problems for law enforcement and other drivers. 

Florida’s laws regarding operation of a motorcycle

Requirements for motorcyclists in Florida can vary from those who possess only standard driver’s licenses. Anyone who requests a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license must already possess a valid class E or better license. The person then needs to complete a basic rider course with the assistance of a sponsor. The endorsement needs to be placed on the license within one year of passing the course, otherwise a driver must retake and pass the course again. The person needs to go to a driver’s license or tax collector office and pay a registration fee to obtain the endorsement. 

Potential riders who are at least sixteen years old can obtain a motorcycle only license. If the applicant is under the age of 18, they must have had their learner’s permit for one year without any traffic violations. The applicant must also pass the same basic rider course test as others with their valid driver’s license. When the person has completed these requirements, their license will clearly say that it is for the use of operating a motorcycle only. 

Drivers who violate these requirements

Illegal riding can result in traffic citations, fines, or even criminal charges. Evidence of these kinds of infractions and improper licensing may be used in a civil lawsuit against the rider at fault for the accident. A negligence case can be filed against any driver who breached their standard duty of care on the roads and caused an accident. If the person responsible is found to be negligent, they will have to pay for the victim’s medical treatment, lost income, and other problems caused by the collision. Many accident lawsuits end with settlements where the party responsible agrees to pay for most of the victim’s losses. 

Motorcycle accident firms in Florida

Rosenberg injury law can assist with all aspects of a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Anyone who needs help in the Boca Raton area should contact the firm to learn more about their possibility for compensation and other remedies. 

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