Who is most likely to become a victim of sexual harassment in Redondo Beach?

Redondo Beach, CA – Sexual harassment laws are meant to protect every single worker in California and other states. Anyone can potentially bring a lawsuit when they have become a victim. However, there are some common situations and job positions that can potentially be a source of harassment. Workers should be aware of the definition of harassment and how it may happen on their job to be able to protect their rights. Anyone who believes that they may be a victim of harassment should report the incident to their employer and get legal assistance from an attorney with experience in workplace issues. 

Workers in subordinate roles

One of the most common types of sexual harassment in California is when a female employee is asked for sexual favors by a male boss. This can possibly happen to any worker who has a superior employee who they must answer to, and some companies are even structured that each employee has multiple managers. Those who engage in these kinds of behaviors often try to take advantage of the fact that the person will be scared of losing their job if they report the harassment. They can use their authority as leverage to get away with this kind of illegal behavior, and many victims are legitimately afraid to lose their jobs if they report the harassment. 

Those who deal with large volumes of customers

Certain industries such as food service, retail, and healthcare have been known to have consistent problems with sexual harassment. This is because employees who interact with many customers, clients, or patients each day can possibly become victims if the customers engage in certain behaviors. The employer is legally obligated to protect the worker and prevent this kind of behavior once they are aware of the situation. Workers should know that their employers will ultimately be liable for any kind of harassment that is allowed to continue, regardless of the position or relationship to the person responsible. 

All workers may potentially bring harassment lawsuits

While most people associate sexual harassment with female employees being mistreated by male bosses, it is possible that anyone can become a victim. Both the harasser and the victim may be of the same gender, and the specific position of the person responsible does not matter if they are acting illegally. No worker is barred from taking legal action based on their gender, position within the company, or other qualities as long as they can prove the necessary elements. 

Information about getting in touch with an attorney

USAttorneys.com is a site that helps people find local lawyers who can help them. Anyone who has questions about sexual harassment in the Redondo Beach area can use the listings to schedule a meeting. 

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