Who is responsible for the costs of a multiple vehicle accident in Acy?

Acy, LA – Some accidents involve three or more vehicles. In these situations, it can be very hard to determine how fault will be assigned or who will be responsible for paying the costs associated with the crash. However, the state’s negligence laws actually allow fault to be divided proportionally to each vehicle involved based on the evidence. This is due to the system of comparative negligence. Anyone who needs a more specific explanation regarding how these principles may apply to their accident case can contact a local attorney to learn more. 

Filing insurance claims

It is important for each driver to contact their insurance company and report the accident. This will allow all of the parties involved to start investigations related to the damage by sending adjusters, and then communicate regarding possible compensation and settlement amounts. Reporting the accident is also required under the terms of all insurance policies. 

The accident report

When police arrive at the scene, one of their jobs is to try to determine a cause of the accident and a possible explanation regarding fault. Aside from summarizing the damage and who was involved, the report may give opinions regarding how the accident likely happened based on witness testimony and the evidence. This report can become an important aspect of assigning fault to each vehicle during settlement negotiations or trial. 

Comparative negligence

Negligence is a legal concept that says the defendant who violated the relevant standard of care for any situation is responsible for the victim’s losses. Many states, including Louisiana, have a system of negligence that accounts for situations where multiple parties may be involved in various kinds of incidents. This system is called comparative negligence. 

Each driver can be assigned an amount of fault to equal one hundred percent total for all of the cars involved. This is done in accident lawsuits brought under Louisiana law through the principles of comparative negligence, where a certain amount of fault results in a reduction of damages, but does not prohibit the person from suing. This means that if several of the drivers involved are partially at fault, they can still try to bring a case for compensation. However, they will not receive as much money as if the defendant was one hundred percent at fault. As a practical matter, each person should consult with their lawyer to try to estimate their fault and determine whether it is worth the time and effort to bring a case or not.  

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with local clients who have been injured in accidents in the Acy area. Their lawyers are available to provide advice and guidance during the course of a civil lawsuit for compensation.

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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